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About Us:

The Brandywine Valley Civil War Round Table was founded in 1987. Our by-laws state that "The purpose of the Brandywine Valley Civil War Round Table shall be to provide a congenial medium through which persons having a common interest in the events of the American Civil War - its causes and effects, engagements, personages, units, armaments and other things pertaining thereto - may satisfy their interests and broaden individual knowledge through discussion, lectures, field trips and the exchange of books, paper and other data. The purpose is also to consider the preservation and protection of the battlefields, sites, landmarks, relics and collections of the period."

In plain English, we are an organization of diverse people brought together by our common interest in the American Civil War. This interest can range from the casual to the obsessive. We intend to tailor our activities and presentations to appeal to all of our members, novice or expert.


Our meetings are now being held at 7:00 PM on the first Thursday of the month during September through May. We meet at the West Goshen Township Building, 1025 Paoli Pike, West Chester, PA (see map). Plenty of free parking is available. Visitors are welcome.

A list of scheduled speakers is available on our Home page.


Annual dues:   $30 - Individual;   $45 - Family;   $20 - Full time student (up to age 23)
A membership application form is available here.

Executive Board:

President:  Art Strawbridge  ( )
Vice President:  Jim Christ  ( )
Secretary:  Ted Pawlik  ( )
Treasurer:  Dave Walter  ( )

Speakers Committee:  Art Strawbridge, Doris Strawbridge, David Kohler
Preservation Committee:  Ken Holloway, Dave Kohler, Bob Sprague, Dave Walter and John Whiteside
Field Trip Committee:  Ken Holloway, Roger Arthur
Publicity Committee:  Robert Schoenburger
Technology Committee:  Jim Christ
Nominating Committee:  Vince Carosella
Credentials/Greeters:  Marilyn Pawlik, Jaan Troltenier
Round Table Telegram:  Elizabeth Buckley, Polly Carpender and Jaan Troltenier
Banquet Coordinator(s):  Dave Walter
Social Director(s):  Olga Leake, Harriett Mueller
Web Site:  Jim Lawler  ( ) 


Art Strawbridge, President, Brandywine Valley Civil War Round Table